Our Story Thus Far

Knights of New York
Grimnoir Setting
Our Story Thus Far

In the summer of 1934, a spree of bank robberies took place across the South and Midwest. The robbers were Actives, and easily overpowered their targets in small cities. They even took a bank in Kansas City guarded by a famous Brute named Dollar Bill Washington. Now the Grimnoir Society is concerned with their crimes, but not for the same reason as the BI.

Originally, the gang of robbers counted three people, of whom at least two were Active. The BI has identified
Christine Tane, 25, no known Power. Former waitress and French tutor.
O.K. Hennesey, early thirties, Brute. Questioned but not charged in illegal Active boxing. Birthplace unknown.
and Nick Voinovich, 43, Icebox, all of Sparta, TN. Voinovich is a veteran of the First Volunteer Brigade (Active), Teddy Roosevelt's supersoldier army. He learned to work with other Actives in the trenches; the BI makes him as the gang's leader.

When they hit Texas, there were three Actives; they'd picked up a Torch. Then in Oklahoma they had five, including a woman with twelve-foot eagle wings. This gang is adding Actives every month, and taking on bigger and bigger banks. It looks bad, especially at a time when FDR is thinking of requiring all Actives to wear armbands identifying their Power in public.

Then, too, there's the matter of the wings. There have always been stories of a Shifter, someone who can actually change shape. But all the cases we've explained have been really good Ringers who made witnesses think they had fangs, were ten feet tall, or whatever. This girl was caught on film; Ringers can't fool the camera.

It's not generally known, but several new Powers have been showing up in the last four months. We don't know why or how, but for the first time we know when -- last month, in Indiana, was the winged girl's first appearance. We want to know how her Power emerged; maybe she doesn't know anything useful, but then again, maybe she does. We can't protect the world from magic we don't understand. So the Society plans to take her alive, with as many of her friends as we can, and see what she says.