Knights of New York

Knights of New York
Grimnoir Setting
Our Story Thus Far

Grimnoir Knights of New York, June 1934

(no commander; John Browning of San Francisco temporarily in command)

Obadiah "Sky" Masterson: Traveler. Great War veteran. Professional gambler and world traveller.
Known Skills: Brawling 6, Gambling 6, Rifle 4, Dodge 4, Stealth 3

Kaze ni Tasogare: Fade. Japanese.
Known Skills: Speaks Japanese and Japanese Sign Language.

Janet : Fade. Negro librarian from New Orleans. Extremely well-read.
Known Skills:

Michael Bor: Cog with acoustics from New York City. Great War veteran; invented the sound-location system for finding enemy artillery by its sound.
Known Skills: Physics 5, Dodge 4, Pistol 4

Sonny-Boy Jenkins: Boomer from Coal Creek, Tennessee. Great War veteran. Can't make big booms, but is very accurate.
Known Skills: Rifle 4, Dodge 4, Stealth 3, Mechanic 3

(for comparison, a skill of 2 is barely qualified, 3 is competent, 4 is expert, and 5 and above are world-class)